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WPMU & BBPress – v.0902 – separate db for wpmu page

  • Hello: I do not know of a wpmu plugin to assist and my knowledge of the working of the db tables is limited (cannot succeed with SQL queries very well – always error).

    Okay, that said. Initially I had WPMU db and added BBPress version to the same DB – and all started out ok but then when I logged in (ADmin or otherwise) to BBPress, or “clicked” a forum link, the homepage of my wpmu blog showed up ( and now also …com/bbpress).

    YIKES NOTE: This same problem still persists when I click on a forum link (or any page link on the forum)…

    Links only go to the WPMU blog and not stay with the forum at

    So I reinstalled (having already reinstalled bbpress into the WPMU subfolder) BBpress using a different DB – same subfolder via ftp – and all is ok – I just changed/added the “integration” for wp settings with BBPress.

    Now what? Well, this install was an ‘opt-out’ for using RS Discuss since I could not work well with the tables in phpAdmin for features to allow settings to show up on the backend.

    Okay, so my question – How to create a working blog page in WPMU rather than “loading” BBPress with WPMU (have read on forum this is not a great idea and my webhost is not strong, easily creates 404 errors)…

    I could I understand, create a “new template” in WPMU but how would I “embed” or “call up” the BBPress pages for the forums?

    I could make separate pages for each forum (separate installs) with BBPress but for me it is ok to have one forum, different topics.

    But, even with one BBPress forum, I can only create a page link as is in WPMU and would rather have a better way of showing the forum for each blog (there are 3 now)…

    Can someone assist?

    How to create a page in WPMU and use the BBPress so when a blogger clicks a “subpage” they will see the BBPress forum? I did set it up already so when a WPMU user logs into BBPress it will use their ID from WPMU (have not tested it yet,but nothing failed).

    Okay, thanks for any help.


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