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Restoring bbPress from SQL Backup

  • I’m dealing with 2 databases for my site, one for wordpress and a different one for the forum.

    I have converted my phpbb3 forum to bbPress recently, (they were both installed on the same database to enable the conversion).

    When I tried to integrate my WordPress blog with my bbPress forum it went bad. I want to backup my bbPress forum via phpmyadmin (as a sql file) and start all over with the install. I’d like to install bbPress on the same database that WordPress is on & also integrate it with WP when I install.

    Is there a way I can restore my sql file of my bbPress forum so I don’t lose anything? If so, how do I restore do the restore into bbPress? I’m unable to access the control panel of bbPress now because of the failed integration. I’m still able to log into WordPress.

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