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Number shows on the top of header

  • Hi,

    I modified the default theme of bbpress and it worked fine at first but lately it shows the number like “6d53″ on the top of header. when i view the source code i see it is ‘<body id=”front-page”>6d53′. Please help to advise on that.



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  • chrishajer


    Sounds like you modified a file incorrectly. Without seeing your template files, it’s going to be hard to guess what you did wrong. You can try validating the XHTML of a page here and maybe it will point to a problem.

    You can also use a text editor with syntax highlighting and you should be able to see the error, maybe an unclosed tag or something like that.

    Finally, you can check the differences between the stock theme and your modified files and see if you can spot the difference.

    it sometimes shows and sometimes doesn’t. here is the url and thanks for the help.



    I was never able to see it happen. You should probably validate the site and fix the errors. At the very least you will make it better, and you might see the problem in one of the files you edited.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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