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  • I installed Buddypress. Everything works great.

    I also installed the group forum in the buddypress settings panel. But than i realized it isn’t realy a public forum.

    So i installed the wide one (bbpress 2.0) actived the plugin, i can make forums, topics, reply in the dashboard. but i cannot view them on the website.

    I can go to a recent topic but i only see the Title of the topic and the message. I don’t see icons, no forum table, nothing. (see link below)

    Do i need to create pages? if so, what kind of content/code i need to insert.

    I also don’t understand the settings : Archive Slugs and single slugs. what do in need to fill in, in those fields.

    I tried changing permalinks, but i can’t otherwise my full buddypress won’t work.

    btw It should work with my Theme. Because the official Demo of this theme bbpress is integrated.

    Thank you.

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