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Latest reply in user activity and search results

  • I noticed today, that the profile page, in the section Recent Replies, that the links are actually to the topics and not the posts itself.

    How do I make this go directly to the post?

    Also, in the search.php, when you search for something, it gives you the actual topic, but not the post which has the information you’re searching for.

    I noticed a missing “page id” in the search results, for example:

    A link in the search result will look like domain/topic.php?id=823#post-32876

    EVEN THOUGH the actual post might be located at


    I tested the same thing on this website, BBPRESS.ORG, I think it has the same problem. The posts in the search results page is not taking you to the exact post, but just the topic.

    How do I change it into the exact post?

    I have been going through ashfame’s plugin, but it didn’t make me much wiser.

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  • Both the “Freshness”/latest reply and normal links in the Search function should be including the page number in links, as that’s allowed for in the function used, get_topic_link() .

    Sort’ve worrying if it’s not including it! includes the page number…

    It’s not included for any page 1 links though.



    What I do in my plugin is I fetch what the user has set in the no of “posts per page” option and then calculate where the post will be (which page) and then conditionally add it to the url.

    How can I make it show the actual post?

    @kawauso I don’t think you understood my first post.



    I will help you tomorrow on this. Right now on move..

    Ok, will wait on it :)

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