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GPL and contributor attribution

  • Sam Bauers


    I’ve added the GPL license to the trunk of bbPress as well as a README containing copyright/attribution to contributors to bbPress.

    You can view the current README file here:

    I think this is a nice way to acknowledge the individual contributions of people involved in the development of bbPress.

    I haven’t dug very deep (or even at all) into the changesets to find out past contributors. If you believe you should be on the list then please raise a new ticket in Trac pointing out what you contributed and when (the actual changeset number is really handy). I’ll validate it then add you as soon as I can.

    If anyone out there who has some experience in the field of applying the GPL to projects wants to constructively criticise the way I have applied the license to the project then please go ahead. However we will not be applying headers to every file at this stage.

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