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forum list in forum.php and other pages

  • hello,

    I’m working on a two column template.

    in the front-page.php it’s possible to have the forum list in a table.

    I’d like to have this list also in other pages, that is, for instance, in the forum.php or in the topic.php.

    if I try to run this list in other pages than front-page.php I obtain this error:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in [my template path]forum.php on line 23

    (the line number is not relevant because I modified the code).

    it seem that the variable $Forums in this foreach is not loaded with the needed data.

    foreach ( $forums as $forum ) { ...

    I’ve tried to find out where it is that is loaded, so that I can load it also in forum.php etc., but I was not able to find out.

    someone can tell me where it is that is loaded, and other suggestion on how to have the list of forums in all pages?


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