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  • Hey there, I’m setting up a new wpmu installation and want to provide a forum for my users. I think bbPress is the way to go but I’m confused a bit with regards to the authentication issues. Is there no mod/hack/plugin that will allow the forum to use the wp_users table directly?

    I guess what I’m really looking for is a way to setup the integration whering a user will only ever see a single profile page and that it will allow them to edit their wp & bb options (incl bb plugin support). I think the notion of calling this ‘integration’ between wp & bb is worthless if a user has to manage two profiles.

    Am I looking for the holy grail here, or is there a better way of setting this up? I want users to be able to sign up once, and be able to post comments on wp, and interact with the forum.

    Thanks in advance.

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