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Are these users spambots?

  • The last two days, I’ve gotten four new members on my BBPress forum.

    These are Ashlynbap, Dariinortiozy, Queenmum and Tarahum.

    All of them have websites linking to Viagra or Acne-removal. All of them have email adresses ending with”.info”. None of them has posted anything. Is it safe to delete these users? What should I do?

    Curiously, these users joined after removing Akismet – which did not to a good job.

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  • johnhiler


    Sounds like it!!

    Try this plugin by ck… it really helps cut down on spambot registrations:

    Are they timed bombs? Will they one day mutilate my forum with spam? Or what is it that they do? None of them have posted anything.

    I use bbpress 1.02, will that plugin work for me?

    Most spambots from experience will be one-off registrations that they attempt to post with. The bots aren’t likely to attempt again later with the same user, because it’s easier just to try somewhere else fresh instead.



    If you’re worried about deleting them, you can always just edit the users so that they are Blocked… that will prevent them from posting again in the future.

    Even if the users don’t post, if they have a URL in their profile… they help the Google PageRank of that URL. So maybe that’s the nefarious goal here… you could always zero out all the profile fields, including the url.

    Is Human Test plugin compitable with BBPress 1.02?

    Is it one of those hard “write in this word” type of things? Those are impossible to read!

    I don’t see screenshots anywhere. I don’t want registration to be even harder.

    Wow, I just discovered you cannot delete users? Why the hell is that?

    I have to manually edit them and block them instead?

    Yes, i use bbPress 1.0.2 and Human Test work.

    Check this

    Human test is 6 + 8 = ? etc.



    There is a plugin available that lets you delete users:

    Thanks Johnhiler, that worked! Even with 1.02!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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