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WP navigation looses 'focus' when in a sub-forum or topic

  • Anointed


    When I click on the forum homepage navigation link then the navigation link stays as ‘active’ as expected.

    However, if I click on any sub-forum or topic, then the navigation is no longer in the ‘active’ [current-menu-item] state.

    I somewhat understand why this is happening, but wanted to know if there is a way of fixing this issue.

    Is there any way to say if_bbpress() then force the ‘active’ state on the forum navigation link?

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  • John James Jacoby


    I don’t know what you mean by ‘forum navigation link.’

    Hi John,

    I have this same issue. See my other topic here for a better explanation.

    Basically, the WP Menu that is linked to the forum is fine until you start to enter subforums and topics.

    Same goes if you use a bbpress shortcode in a page and link it to a WP Menu item.

    I have the same issue. Basically, the “Forums” button in the main navigation no longer stays highlighted once you enter any part of the forums.



    I solved this with some CSS. First, in WP-Admin > Appearance > Menus, i added a custom CSS class to my tabs (at least my Forum tab and News tab). If you don’t see the CSS-classes field, toggle it on in the Screen-Options. For my Forums tab, i set a CSS class of “nav1-forum” and my News tab got “nav1-news”.

    Then in my CSS file (style.css), i added this to my Active-tab styles
    .bbPress #main-menu #menu-main-menu li.nav1-forums a,
    which makes the Forum tab highlighted whenever bbPress is “on” (based on the body class “.bbPress”.

    And I added this to my Inactive-tab styles:
    .bbPress #main-menu #menu-main-menu li.nav1-news a,
    which forces my News tab (which is for my normal “posts” post-type, the blog area of my site), to appear as Inactive, even though its element actually does incorrectly have the class “current_page_parent”.

    Of course you may need to adjust the IDs in the css, to match your html.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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