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Theme: Redox for bbPress 0.80

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  • The download file is a rar and I just get gibberish when I click the link. Do you have a zip format as well?


    Well though I like the theme I do have some things that border me:

    1) Don’t give us themes that relies on plugins. I don’t wanna use the smilies plugin, not installing them results in an error.

    2) It has bugs, creating a new topic messes up the whole page (I don’t say it has to be bugless, but this one is very obvious)

    3) PLZ put everything in the theme in ENGLISH

    Just my 3 cents


    As far as I can tell this theme also doesn’t really change anything from the refresh theme.

    Download refresh and try to use it in 0.80.

    Ah. So is it just an updated version? Are there any new changes?

    We are working on it, we release this version because some people want it, if u dont like it, no problem, after we will release the theme with more changes.

    Yeah. it looks nice, I just can’t read spanish so I didn’t know what all the post says.

    I go to translate… sorry…

    It looks nice and clean, although, I notice in your own forum it doesn’t currently validate. Once you get that all happy, don’t forget to validate the css too.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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