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(Requesting Advices) for education website

  • Kaung Ko


    Hi! I’m new to wordpress and trying to build an educational website. Here is brief description of the website, students can come and study old questions(English and maths) in that website. Most of the questions are fill in the blank or matching words. All question will have different properties like Year of the question, The location or city of the question because these questions are different depend on the state of the country, From which chapter and what type of question (eg. Wordform (fill in the word, verbform (fill in the correct verb)).

    First things is I tried different categories for (year, location, chapter, type) but the problem is I can’t change the permalink to meaningful one like only I’m allow to use 1 category in permalink. I mean I can’t make my url restful.

    Second problem is I need to upload answers and check them when students read the question post and submit the answer. I think I might be check with categories to query the answer. it that possible?

    I really need advices for experienced wordpress developer. Is the project is reasonable enog to build with wordpress or too much tweaking or customization need to be done. Because I use Codeigniter(framework) to build my projects. But I like wordpress for social plugins and easy comments and posting etc..

    All ideas and feedback are welcome, and Thanks in advance.


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