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next release ideas

  • #1. have a smoother “intuitive” integration between wordpress and bbpress?

    #2. plugins and theme options pages in control panel *doh* :D

    #3. in the bbpress control panel, have a link that says “over to wordpress” and vice versa; that would require bbpress and wordpress to “recognize” each other’s presence on the website. a result of suggestion #1

    #4. search function? etc

    that’s all i can muster… otherwise it’s awesome.

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  • #1. alow user to add more informationer into profile.

    #2. alow admin ore keymaster to remove forums.

    #3. and like Mistainu said a search function

    Additional suggestions:

    1. A WYSIWYG editor.

    2. A function that allow members to quote a post.

    3. The forums grouped in categories.

    4. The description of the forum should be located below the forum name.

    1: post name in permalinks

    2: idiot proof way of wrapping wp-theme around bb.

    Mozey: ore just new kindt of themes just fore bbpress?



    Maybe I have misunderstood you but there is already a search function in bbpress. Try opening /search.php

    It’s also possible to integrate it on any page.

    plantophil: Your right

    mistainu: Try

    ranrar: How about this? a good document to tell designers how they can develop a theme which works for BOTH wp and bb. THis way, we dont have to mess around with making one theme look like the other. STandalong bb themes are gonna happen anyways. Combining both is the problem worthy of looking into.

    Mozey: hmm but what are the chance of a designer will make a simuliar design to both bbpress and wp ? mabye some, i just know i dont want the same theme on my forum as i got on my blog

    ranrar: Why would you give your website a random look?, websites SHOULD be consistant. at the very least, your header and footer. If not, perhaps the font color, SOMETHING. but but should’nt be completly differdnt.

    and to answer your question, Very high, i’m doing that as i speak!.

    The same function as the others forumns:

    Highlight (e.g. with different icon maybe) the unread topics after the last login.

    1) New topics/replies highlighted

    2) Forum Permissions

    3) Better user delete routine (banned, but dont remove all info from the fields!)

    The ability to delete a forum would be nice. Perhaps with the option to have the containing posts either deleted or moved to a different one.

    Some of these additions are either done with a simple plugin or template modifications…

    Personally I’d like to see bbPress continue on with it’s development without spending resources to integrate the two programs together. Rather bbPress should stand alone as a forum system and not just a glorified WordPress plugin. It is my opinion that current forum systems offer way too many features and confuse themselves with content managment systems and social networking sites. Huge avatars and signatures take away from actual content and private message systems have been around for ages disguised as email.

    The community around bbPress should develope plugins for all of these specific features. Remember that 90% of your users will just read and post on your forum and all those other goodies are just taking up resources that aren’t contributing to the overall “digital discussion” philosophy of a forum. Usenet is still pretty popular and that hasn’t changed much in years.

    I’d like to see improvements on security, speed, and ease of use in the next releases rather than glittering goodies and features.

    I am working on another ghetto plugin to highlight threads that have been started since your last visit. It’s been painful and frustrating to work on this since it’s been so long since I’ve worked with php but man is it fun. Another thing I’d like to see in the next release is a list or plan of what is going to happen next so I don’t waste time creating a plugin that is going to be in the next release. :D

    Although it is fun.


    I’m biased on this issue as I’ve been in web stuffs for a number of years now so I can easily integrate a theme. It should be very simple as most of your design should be located inside your wp css file. The only thing you really have to change is some <div> placement. I threw away the default bbpress css theme and just flung bbPress into my WordPress site’s containers and it worked pretty well.

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