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I think my posting has been hacked. I'm not listed as originator under avator

  • I don’t know if my post has been hacked because the originator and tag information have been changed.

    I posted on here 3 days ago although your notice board says 1 day. I’ve not received an answer and had another look today.

    I noticed that the originator of the post has been changed to The North face jackets and the tags changed to LED Board, LED Display and LED screen.

    The psoting affected is unable to display bbpress in wordpress. I have resolved this but I now have another problem with displaying posts correctly. I will post a new topic on this.

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  • Anointed


    what is the link to the topic you are talking about?

    I’m not sure how, but maybe we can go through the backend and check the edits to see how someone took control over your topic…


    The forum is instalation

    The topic is titled

    Unable to display bbpress forum in wordpress

    It says that it was posted 2 days ago. it was longer than that. I have resolved that problem.




    Ok, any user can add tags to a topic, that is normal. I am talking with JJ about how he changed the info box who started the topic date though. Probably a bug, but this is a really old 1x forum setup anyhow. I know JJ is going to switch these forums to the new 2x when he gets the time someday.

    I answered your topic, but really need more info to even attempt to help

    If tags can be changed fair enough. I was concerned because the originator name for the topic was “the north face jackets” which isn’t me.



    yes, it is a bug with the software used here. Won’t be fixed as this is very old software, rather the forums will be updated to 2x vs. someday.

    John James Jacoby


    Nothing was hacked. Found a bug.

    Closing this topic.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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