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i need …

  • العاب


    Hello ,

    i’m use BBpress version 0.8.3 and i need some thing to it :

    1. i need wysiwyg editor which i can with it enter an IMG , SWF , WAV , RAM , RM , MPEG and more …

    2.i need google sitemap which work whit 0.8.3

    3.i need to show the hot tags in all pages .

    thanks for all , and i am sory for my bad english

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  • chrishajer


    1. You can integrate FCK Editor or TinyMCE if you are looking for a wysiwyg editor.

    1a. To allow all that type of content, you’re going to need a plugin. Check out this thread:

    2. Does the regular sitemap plugin NOT work with 0.8.3? I never tried it.

    3. To show hot tags, you are going to need to edit the template files for each page, then insert this tag where you want it:

    <p class="frontpageheatmap"><?php bb_tag_heat_map(); ?></p>


    Depending on the layout of each of your pages, you might need to create a new div to insert that tag heat map into, or maybe there is room inside an existing div.

    The things you are asking for are going to require a substantial amount of work on your part. It can all be done (probably) but it’s not going to be super quick.

    Good luck.



    chrishajer,Thank you!

    1.the FCK wysiwyg editor is very Nice … but how i can install it in my BBpress ?

    2.This sitemap :

    not working whith 0.8.3

    3.I will try to add this code .

    Thank you agin … By.

    Hello all …

    I need more :)

    I need to adds description and keywords meta tags for both is_topic and is_forum.

    i was search in this forum i see one plugin but it wasn’t work with 0.8.3

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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