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Hopefully This Helps Someone Out There

  • theurbantwist


    I like a lot of you on here obviously want bbpress to be implemented into my site.

    And I like a lot of you have been having issues getting everything installed and working correctly.

    I’m writing this post because I got things going finally on my site and it really isn’t as hard as I was making it and some of you are from what I’m seeing.

    I just wanted to share a few simple things that I learned along my journey and hopefully this post can steer some of you in the right direction.

    My forum is located at by the way. Ignore banner at top of page as that’s just a placeholder for when I get my official forum logo designed.

    First things first…

    I followed the instructions to a “t” from this post:

    I have a custom theme, so I copied all files over, created child theme and all of that jazz, and added theme support.

    At this point I just knew that I was going to be finished because when I went to dashboard, it stated that my theme now had bbpress support. Everything was coming together just as how the instructions above would lead me to believe.

    The feeling was brief as when I actually went to the forum page, it was completely blank other than the breadcrumb trail at the top…my header and footer was present but everything else in the middle (the content area) was gone.

    So me being familiar with wordpress themes and because I’m so used to “pimping” out themes for wordpress…I tried to do the same with bbpress, so I dissected and went over the code in those files I copied over into my main theme as if it were a wordpress theme and changed some things around thinking I needed to add some template tags here and there to get forum to work.

    I did all of that and guess what? Nothing changed…same blank space as before.

    So I then went into the plugin file itself and tried modifying the theme from there.

    Still…nothing changed.

    So I went backwards through the steps and started deleting steps to get back to where I was at originally and along the way, after I removed the theme support for bbpress, the forum showed up on my page. The CSS wasn’t matching my theme, but at least I had a start.

    I then modified my css file to match certain elements of the twenty-ten default bbpress theme and mow I’m making progress. The theme is pretty much right where I want it be.

    The only thing that was missing was that I wanted a topic listing of all topics on forum front page.

    And here is where things really got easy and I wish I would have done this from the start.

    I simply created a page.

    I named page “community” to match my forum settings and I added 2 lines of code.



    And voila! Now I have forum just the way I want it barring a couple of graphical changes which I’m working on.

    The reason I went in detail about how I came to a solution for myself is that sometimes we do a LOT of unecessary stuff to get to where we need to be. I’ve wasted a LOT of time trying to manipulate the plugins files and my theme’s files, when all I needed to do was to create a page.

    Bottom line and this is definitely something you should try if you are having problems.

    1. Install and activate plugin.

    2. Add a Page

    3. Add those 2 lines of code above.

    4. Publish.

    You then have your forum. And that’s a start. :-)


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