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Help! Want to upgrade, can’t login

  • Wp/bbpress issues after upgrade.

    I stupidly upgraded to WP 2.5 before upgrading BBPress (I think I am still on 0.83, though I confess I am having trouble figuring that out–where to look?)

    Since the WP upgrade, I was unable to login to bbpress. (I thought something had gone wrong, so I reset my password, and that did not work–the new password works in WP but not bbpress.)

    Oddly, a Moderator can still login, as can regular users.

    I now, obviously, want to upgrade bbpress ASAP and get this worked out. Is it going to be a problem that my admin account isn’t currently working? Is there some point in the upgrade process where I need to reset this somehow?


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  • Oh, and I am reading the upgrade instructions. How can I turn off all plugins if I can’t login???

    Is deleting the plugins via FTP a safe workaround???

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