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Forum category name to filter WP likes and fbLikeButton on forum shortcode page

  • klimam


    Hi, thanks for the plugin!

    I am solving one issue. I am using plugins WP likes and fbLikeButton and when I use the shortcode to display the FORUMS ([bbp-forum-index])it shows the like buttons of the mentioned plugins under each and every FORUM title.

    DonĀ“t you know how to filter this? WP likes has at least setting to filter category on which it should not be used but what is the category for forums? Which format shall I use for “category name list (comma separated)”? url-style name of the category or name of category in “” or?? I tried the url-style category name but it does not work for me.


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  • Anointed


    Would probably be easier if the plugin author allowed it to filter for post-types as a value to not display on. Forum is a post-type just like topic and reply are. Has nothing to do with categories at all and if that is the only option the plugin has to filter by, then it won’t work right.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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