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bbpress error: ‘user does not exist’

  • bforeste


    I run an integrated bbpress / wordpress site. It has been live for about a year. I check in at least ever 2-3 weeks or so, but infrequently based on most standards.

    I tried logging into my bbpress site (cross log-in has never worked for me) using my administrator ID, and I get an error ‘user does not exist.’

    I tried loggin in as other users (moderator, subscriber, etc.) and I get the same error for those as well.

    I cleared cache, retried – same results.

    I try logging into the WP side & can login without problem. I can get to my WP dashboard (2.5.1 btw) but not my bbpress dashboard (0.8.x – can’t recall & can’t access my dashboard).

    I did try the ‘reset’ PW option from the WP side for one of my failed bbpress users. It gave me a new PW, and still not able to login to the bbpress side.

    I see the database still has all of the users in wp-users, and the passwords are updating.

    The last action I took ‘knowingly’ was to delete a spammer user ID from my role about 2 weeks ago. I tried logging in a couple days later & no access. I’m not saying it is correlated…

    I also remember fumbling through my Yahoo domain management page, and I recall resetting the PW for one of my DB’s (but not my wp DB).

    So – I’m inclined to think that I either accidentally reset an administrative PW that allows the link between BB and WP to hit the same wp-users table?

    Or – something far more nefarious from my spammer friends (who seem to be the ONLY readers of my blog…thank you!).

    Thanks for any input / advise. I hope to have included all the relevant info.

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