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Allow images plugin does not allow CAPS filename extensions

  • chrishajer


    I am using the allow images plugin Version: 0.7.1 and it apparently does not allow images if the filetype extension is in CAPS. So, this will work to insert an image into a post:

    and this will not:

    If the image is hosted on a Windows server (or I guess any server where case does not matter for filenames/URLs) you can change the extension to lowercase, and it will work within the plugin just fine: the hosting server knows what to do. If the image is hosted on a Linux server, or any server where case does matter, you can’t do that and the img tag gets stripped out of the post if you insert it in uppercase like JPG. (i.e. if you tried changing it to lowercase, the tag would remain in your post, but would result in a 404 since the hosting server would not have a file by that name.)

    Can the plugin be updated to allow upper, lower or mixed case filename extensions?


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