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2012 Mother's Day–Mom loves to eat fish head

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    2012 Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13. Almost every country in this world celebrate Mother’s Day. There is no specific holiday actually. We just express our thanks to these great mothers by sending a special gift.

    Mother is an important role among us. She could be just 20 years old. She could be even old to 100 years old. Young or old, she always think of husband and her kids at the first time and forget her own thoughts. This is mother. It’s same situation in different countries. There are series of movies to praise mother’s love. When watch these movies we couldn’t help getting into tears, even to middle aged men. We come to the world from a little baby. By mother’s bringing up we grow up to kids, students, workmen. Then we have our own kids. This cycles. It is a hard and long term efforts of bringing up a little baby to a young man. There are at least 20 years of hard work. Twenty years! Everything could be happen during such a long time. While when we become mother or father we take care of our own kids and leave our mother aside. She is on longer at the stage so she knows to hidden in another corner. She appears only when we recall her. Every mother is a great woman.

    A great mother does not mean a great son. Most of people regard mother’s love is sacred. There are still few of people never feel about mother’s love importance and value. There is one story in China called Mom loves to eat fish head. There was a family. It’s like other normal families, three-member, father, mother and a little son. Little son likes to eat fish. His mother always cook fish and never eat fish body meat. Little son felt surprised and asked why mother never eat fish meat and just eat fish head. The mother replied mom loves to eat fish head without any consideration. Little son grew up and got to middle aged. The mother was getting old too. She could not do that many things to take care of her son. When the family cook fish. Middle aged son never forget to forward the fish head to his mother’s bowl and say mom loves to eat fish head. This is a famous composition written by a junior student. We were shocked after this composition released in public. The article praised mother’s love and recalled back love to mothers.

    Until you read here ask yourself does your mother like to eat fish head or not? Have you prepared this year’s gift to your great mother? Do not find any excuses. Never mention issue of busy. You just need to do it. Some gifts are recommended here.

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