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Re: what did I do now? Login form



I guess you’re working on it now because there are syntax errors and no site visible.

Hopefully you’re working with your own template, not the default one. If that’s the case, just use the default template until you figure out what change caused the problem.

If you are working on the default template, then I would just install a new copy of it and start over with your modifications, this time in a template of your own name.

The create your own template, create a my-templates folder at the same level as bb-templates, then in there create a folder that will be for your template (call it dogs or something.) Then copy over all the files from the kakumei template into this new dog folder, and then open the style.css file in this folder and make the appropriate changes there to give this theme a new name. Then, select it in your admin panel. Right now, it will look just like the stock theme, but you can make changes here instead of in the stock theme, and if something goes wrong, you can just select the stock theme and fix the problems in the new theme.

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