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Re: Topics Per Page plugin – new problem



Sorry for the delay in responding – for some odd reason my primary (desktop) computer logged me out of this forum and would not let me log back in….tried many times making certain I was typing my username/password correctly…….so I had to go boot up my laptop…

Anyway, to answer your question, no – I read all the instructions on pretty permalinks and did not see that – I thought I read most of the posts on the issue but must have missed that. In any case it did not work for me….

I put $bb->mod_rewrite = "slugs"; into my bb-config.php and uploaded – this of course changed my default permalinks to the name-based ones (great) but when I click on the links, I get this error message:

Multiple Choices

The document name you requested (/Forum/topic/article-titles) could not be found on this server. However, we found documents with names similar to the one you requested.
Available documents:

/Forum/topic.php/article-titles (common basename)
Please consider informing the owner of the referring page about the broken link.

And of course if I have the .htaccess file uploaded, I still get the 500 Server error

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