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Re: Too Much to “Plug In”



I was thinking when I read the subject line that this would be criticism of the amount of change between versions and the amount of work required to update the plugins for each new release. It took WordPress a while to get to their “automated notification” for plugins. Maybe it will take a while for something like that for bbPress.

1. Number of tags: in your template file, where the tags are displayed, there is a call to bb_tag_heat_map – that accepts parameters, the last of which is the number of tags to return. Put whatever you want in there. The first two parameters are font min and font max size, and the next parameter is what measure to use for the font sizes.

<?php bb_tag_heat_map( 9, 38, 'pt', 80 ); ?>


That’s 9pts minimum, 38pts maximum, return the top 80 tags

2. No suggestions for you there. Not sure I understand the concern.

3. This can be done in your template files as well.

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