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Re: tag.php access issue



Thank you again chrishajer & madawaffe,

I created a phpinfo.php file and uploaded it to the forum root folder, and the PHP info with and with out the .htaccess file is…

PHP Version 4.3.11

I then tried saving the .htaccess file in several different formats including, Mac OS Western, UTF-8, UTF-16, & ASCII, and I was given an internal server error for UTF-8 & UTF-16.

I then tried creating an .htaccess directory access and password file with a .htpasswd file, and was given another server error.

So I am assuming, that outside of the issue of the tags.php working on php4, that there is an issue with my server in working with a .htaccess file. Hmmmm, there has to be a solution here, and I really would like to get this forum up and running, for I love the integration with wordpress.

I am going to call up my hosting service again and probe a bit more. If any ideas come about, I will be here at full attention. Thank you so much for your help again.

All the Best,


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