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Re: Second Page Gone!



Hi _ck_

The 503 error was happening after just loading one page a couple times in a row, or going from page one of this topic to the second page. The page where the problem was first observed is

You don’t need to load 100 pages in the session, or 50 pages in a minute. All you needed to do was load the first page of that topic, then try and access the second page. That’s where you typically got the 503. If you didn’t, simply F5 or CTRL-SHIFT-R would sometimes cause the 503.

It seems like something is being counted as a page access when it’s not. It’s as if loading the first page of that topic counts as 30 page views, then loading page two is another 25 or 30 and you get the 503.

There are lots of plugins installed. I thought at first that the bb-attachments plugin might be causing the problem since there are lots of embedded images in that topic. I know what *should* count as a page access, but it seems like some pages are being counted multiple times based on the content of that page.

If you need more debug info or logs to see what’s going on, please ask here. Right now both those throttling things are turned off (pages in a row in a certain time period and pages per session) and the forum seems to be working fine.

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