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Re: Plugin Request: Forum Categories..

Ok if my PHP/MySQL knowledge is still good , the plugin must , on the first use , add a new collumn to bb_topics table ( named for example cat_id ) , and a new table titled bb_cats .

On each use of the plugin , it must check if everything is good ( the collumn cat_id , the table bb_cats ) before continuing , and if not , it must display the default structure of the forum .

To perform this last , there must be new template tags which can be ignored if the plugin installation is wrong , so the plugin needs its proper template file …

We know that the goal of BBPress is to be light and fast , so if you code all the things above and use them on a plugin , BBPress will be slower , i think like PunBB …

So my tip is ; don’t use categories , try to remove no useful forums , merge some forums if they are similar , and you’ill have a good order without categories .

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