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Re: Plugin – Private Messages



it should really only care about the name of the column. Even if you set it to int, it would get some values (they wouldn’t make any sense however).

I’m pretty sure in .80 of bbpress you have to have the template folder inside my-templates. So those files should be in my-templates/[your template here]. The function that gets the location only returns the location of the template folder.

Plus when you load /pm.php you don’t get any errors, just nothing is displayed in the source. I bet if you added an echo to say “hello” in pm.php it would be displayed. I bet if you added an echo below the file call for privatemessages.php you wouldn’t get jack. If that’s the case, that means the function is unable to find privatemessages.php and is halting.

I should have come up with some way to display something if it can’t find the file. I’ll release that in the next version… but for now it seems most likely to me either the files aren’t in the correct place or something affecting it’s ability to find the files has occurred.

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