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Re: Plugin – Private Messages



Sorry, I just saw these 2 posts.

Suleiman, the “seen” is just a boolean value that tells whether or not the receiver of the PM has opened the message or not. It should be expected for it to have some zeros on there if no one can see their PMs. As for id_receiver, do you have someone with an id of zero? Or all they all zeros, even those to multiple people?

Sometimes the best way to work through the problems is to do it through IMs, so if you’d like to do that, just let me know. We can get it working for you.

Netsleds, there should be DB errors the first time you install the plugin, but that’s just for when the tables are being created. Upon refresh, they should go away (I assume they did?). As for your problem of it being a blank page, that is certainly strange. It’s not showing anything in the source, even the header or footer, which makes me think you might not have the template files in the correct place. Do you have them in the directory of the template you’re using?

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