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Re: phpbb3 -> bbpress converter

Thanks, Kawauso… so, any guidelines/instructions about getting bbPress to use the WordPress user tables on a post-install integration? And am I right in assuming that the issues stem from having two databases (since you’ve got existing forum data, you can’t merge the two, right?) ? Sorry if these are newb questions.

Do you know if the ideas on this post would do it? — The reason I ask is because it seems like there’s a lot of info circulating about how it worked, or might work, under earlier versions of WP & bbP… but it often changes. Now that we’re up to 2.8.4 and 1.0.2, is it any different, or more viable? Is it as easy as pointing bbP at WP’s user tables, in addition to the “normal” integration steps? (I’m hoping to save myself a few hours of reading, that’s all… )

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