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Re: phpbb3 -> bbpress converter



Hopefully, with an active blog, you have a good database backup.

I’m confused on this point:

my bbpress tables are inside of wordpress (obviously)

That’s not obvious to me, at all. Do you mean the bbPress tables are inside the same database where your WordPress tables are? That’s OK. You can put as much stuff as you want into a database, so long as you use different table prefixes for the different applications. For example:

WordPress: wp_
bbPress: bb_
Joomla!: jos_

You can call your database whatever you want, then just keep loading tables into it for different application, like WordPress and bbPress.

If you integrated WordPress and bbPress, then your bbPress installation used two existing WordPress tables: wp_users and wp_usermeta. That’s to allow integrated logins.

Regarding where you put bbPress files, you said you put them into the phpbb directory. Does it look like this?



If so, someone else recently found that bbPress finds an existing config.php (the one for phpbb3) and won’t go any further. In that case, just rename the phpbb3 config.php to something else for just a minute, so installation can continue.

There is some confusion about database names, table names and folders, for me anyway. Any information you can post to help clarify will help. Thanks.

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