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Re: Parse error – Please Help!!



You didn’t mention what version you installed. It matters for finding problems like this. It looks like it’s probably an Alpha release and the indication of an error on that line means there’s likely a problem on a previous line. My guess is that there is a syntax error in the BB_LOGGED_IN_KEY.

It helps to use an editor with syntax highlighting to see if this is the problem. Posting an edited version of the bb-config.php will not help because you will destroy the evidence in editing.

I have seen keys that work fine for WordPress, but not bbPress. Maybe that’s happening here. You might want to simplify your WordPress key then match the bbPress key to that. The WordPress API allows all sorts of weird characters in there (non A..Z a..z 0..9) and they’re properly escaped for WordPress but sometimes they don’t work with bbPress.

But I think that’s probably your problem, one of the bbPress keys. PHP reports the error on the next line it tries to parse I think.

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