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Re: My new forum theme in the works!

I like it, although at the bottom, “fueled with wordpress” that would be fueled with bbpress wouldn’t it?

Thanks Vaelrith. :) Yeah, It’s one of those “things” that I need to change up on theme. I’ll fix that up here soon.. ;) :) Really, I need to fix up the blog theme’s footer too then..

this is a great looking theme, you’ve integrated it nicely with the blog :D Are you going to make it a public theme? It’s quite sexy ;p

Thanks skrimpy. :) Um, I might release it to the public then, however, at the moment it’s a slopped together type job though sigh. I basically copied/pasted the blog’s style.css informations right into the bbPress stylesheet.. and so forth.

When I get some more time here, hopefully soon, I’ll make a public release of the theme. ;) :) As I’m sure others running the WordPress Gathering theme, might want to have it.. ;) :)

Thanks for the nice comments.. ;) :)


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