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Re: Locked Out of Forum!



hi chris and ck

i missed something obvious, didn’t explain about my databases and probably confused you in the process.

so i’m going to try to clarify. bbPress and WordPress have separate databases. by substituting db for the name of my database, i obscured the fact that the errors referred to in my initial post are looking for my WordPress users table ie in my WordPress database, not bbPress.

in phpMyAdmin i can see that my WordPress tables have no prefix, while my bbPress tables have an underscore prefix:

BB Tables

i tried putting db (my database) as a prefix in my wp-config file just to see if that would work, but i still got the same errors (so changed it back to what it was, since it also took my WordPress site down, though it was fine again once i removed the prefix from wp-config).

so i still have no idea of what to do.

i remember when i was setting up integration for bbPress that i specified a table prefix – i’m wondering whether it would be simpler to uninstall bbPress and reinstall it again, trying to avoid the prefix problem? i’d lose a bit of stuff i entered, but there’s not much and i could easily recreate it.

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