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Re: Latest bbPress Posts In WordPress



lo all, I have the same problem as Staffan, when I use this fine plugin, I get no name name displayed, I have just installed the 0.75 of BBPress, and I do not have any option in my profile to enter a nicename at all, hence why the assigned database entry (‘user_nicename’) doesn’t hold a Nicename 😮

Well I could enter a Nicename via phpMyAdmin, but that’s surely not the way to work that out, because tbh I am way too lazy, to do that for every future user registering with the forum ;)


Nevermind my post above, just sorted it out, it works, IF you install BBP with the database tables from WP in the config.php, but NOT IF you install BBP without these information ;)

So the nicename from the WP user-table is being used, also means, users have to enter their WP profile to change that, as this is NOT possible via BBP profile

Thx anyways :D

==end edit==

Anyhow, a pretty nice plugin, keep up the good work Atsutane :)

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