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Re: It’s time for next alpha



Why not let Sam have a little more time on it and give Michael some time to recover from the WP 2.7 release so he can switch back his mindset over here when he can.

WP 2.7 is nothing to celebrate, it’s more bloated than ever before and breaks more plugins than ever before. I wouldn’t be in a rush to upgrade to it on existing sites. I really miss the light/fast mentality of WP 2.0 and 2.1 – long gone now.

Oh also, the next alpha will have even more internal changes than the change from 1.0a1 to 1.0a2 – it’s not ready yet IMHO as I already found three bugs in it yesterday.

It also completely renames many files which is going to cause a mess for those who simply dump one install over another in their directory.

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