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Re: Integrating to WP has broken the static front page

Thanks for the input. I’m pretty sure I’m off in the wrong direction, I’m just trying to dig through what the WP and BB code are doing under the covers so that I have a better understanding of where this problem is coming from. It’s simply the analytical part of me wanting to understand the whole system.

As for why, I am currently calling a few bbpress functions from my wp pages.

I’m actually reviewing what I’m using now to see if I can just eliminate the use of the bbpress functions on the WP pages. I think I can probably just eliminate the need (at least for now).

That said, I still want to dig in and get to the bottom of this. It seems like there should be a really easy answer for this (btw — I don’t think it’s the 404 problem from the other thread you linked).

Thanks again for the feedback. Given I’m doing this on my own time, I may not get back to it for a while (I have funded development to finish for work). I’ll post back when I have a chance to re-review this.

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