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Re: Integrate wp2.7 and bbp1.0a2

John James Jacoby


@elwagar: Conversely, once they are registered you can assign them a role by going to the bbPress admin, WordPress Integration, and remapping. I feel like a plug-in could help this registration laziness along, but I also think this should just work correctly right away.

I actually had a similar issue years ago integrating phpBB 2.x and osCommerce together, trying to get one to work inside the other with cookies and what-not was a really big problem, one that I never really did get working 100% correctly.

I have no experience with bbPress Live, but it might be worth looking into. CK posted a really nice SQL example on how to grab information without a plug-in, so if you can’t get that to work, you could always put in a little manual labor. ;)

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