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Re: How to move a forum?

@staats – If you have access to your SQL database (like through phpMyAdmin), it’s much the same as moving any databased app, like WordPress :)

The first set of directions I put in the post above are mostly right. I’ve updated them here since there’s a couple things that should be explained differently than my copy replace from WordPress’s directions (why reinvent the wheel?). If you’ve got WP and BB integrated you’ll have to make all the changes to the files (wp-config and bb-config AND the admin settings changes) BEFORE you backup your database.

First, backup your database – (obviously the bb database, not the wp one for your case) No matter WHAT you want this copy! If you screw everything up (and we’ve all done that) you need a fall back plan.

  1. Download a copy of the main bbpress files from your OLD forum to your hard drive and edit b-config.php to suit the new server.
  2. Go back to your OLD forum and go to settings and change the bbPress address (URL) to that of your new site. (You may want to change your email addy here, but you don’t have to just yet).
  3. IF you’ve integrated bbPress and WordPress, go to your WordPress Integration page and change any domain information there that has changed.
  4. Download your database (but keep the old backup just in case), upload this new database and the copy of the forum files with the edited bb-config.php to your new server.

Again, if WordPress and bbPress are integrated and sharing a database, do steps 1-3 for bbpress, and then steps 1 and 2 here, and THEN do the last DB download step just once.

And if it’s all confusing … yeah, it’s a lot of fruit to be juggling at once.

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