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Re: CSS files. . .

Thank you for your help.

I have set everything right, except I can’t find how to increase the size of three fonts:

the font used when a person is in the process of typing a post

and the tiny little font for for “posted # days ago”

the “send post” font

I want to make the font large enough for geriatric eyes

I am comfortable going into all the templates files and fooling around with them. my site, demonstrates the extent of the rough surgery

I do wish I could keep a sign giving credit to bbPress, but unfortunately I was unable. perhaps there is a nice graphic saying bbPress I can put somewhere? I cannot write the code to put a sign at the bottom saying, “powered by bbPress”

I would like to cut out the “member” etc. designations given below the name of the poster

How can I tell how large to make the font and page?? It would seem to depend on the setting of the person’s computer, which is variable. On a Mac, if you hit command+ or command-, everything is enlarged or decreased

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