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Re: Categories or tags based navigation ?

The typical forum layout comes from catering to new visitors that want descriptions of each category, and from repeat visitors wanting to check if there are updates to that category without having to click into that category.

Of course, my goal is to break that “tradition” and create something newer and, as you said, wik-ish .

Tags also are really great for moderating topics, you can immediately find duplicate topics and close them .

The forum will be managed BY the community, so using tags for navigation and giving the users the right to create them freely will not be a problem ( tags spam ? the spammer will get a kick in the ass :P ), and the moderation team will do its best to prevent tags abuse.

If tags could visually signify if there are new posts for the visitor inside of them, maybe with emphasis or italics or reordering them to the front of the cloud, that would be a neat idea.

Good idea, noted .

Well, thank you all for your responses, I’ll try to finish the template then I’ll invite users to test it and give me their feedbacks .

I didn’t see someone else using tag navigation on his forum, so maybe I will be the first to use it :-) ( or to loose )

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