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Re: cannot set wordpress role when user signs in through bbpress

John James Jacoby


@the both of yous

Sambauers is the main programmer responsible for updating and maintaining bbPress, the rest of us seem to serve more as bug testers and trac reporters. You’re both correct to assume that the goal is to have it work both ways, with a registration at one platform to assign a role to the other.


You’re lucky, I haven’t been able to get either/or to automatically tell the other what roles to assign, despite my efforts. To be honest, it can’t be happening anywhere on the WordPress side of things, because WordPress has no idea that bbPress exists. It’s just doing what it always did. bbPress needs to look for capabilities, and assign them according to the WordPress role map provided it has been set.

It seems like a good idea to have the role-map setup as part of the installation process, if choosing to integrate that is.

The other side of this, which I’ve said before in different topics, is that automated integration of bbPress is difficult to predict, because there are several configurations that anyone could or would use, and it isn’t just WordPress that bbPress is intended to work with. There’s BuddyPress too, which is a whole other assortment of configurations. You can see how having bbPress automatically assign a role to a user that doesn’t have a role at all can be a strange situation, since there are times where WP users might not have roles either. There are about 250 different types of arrangements that users can have that must be trapped when I think about it, considering registrations on either side, the role map, and what the results of each situation would be.

Maybe when they register through WordPress, I don’t want them automatically given access to the forums, or vice versa. Even though they are integrated, maybe I don’t want them to have a role at all. What if WordPress registrations are closed but bbPress ones are open? I mean when you think of all of the possibilities, it’s a wonder/miracle that it works at all. Ha!

Long story short, Sam is working really hard on getting this integration up and running for us, and I suspect there will be an alpha6 coming shortly. :)

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