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Re: Can wordpress searcher search bbpress?

Thanks for the code John :) Half the results but it actually could solve the 404 problem.

However, adding a get_settings(‘home’) to the search form makes this search;


I had in mind that perhaps anybody developed a wordpress plugin that could search both, wp and bb and then display the results, first all the wp entries and next all the bb entries.

Or maybe a conditional in the wp template where I placed wp searcher; first the wp searcher with anything similar to John’s get_settings(‘home’) and then a conditional; if this is bbpress then use bbpress searcher and append the results. I already have a function to create bb conditionals in wp;

function is_bbpress() {
global $bb;
return $bb ? true : false;

There is another search plugin for bbPress that appends a WordPress search to the bbPress search.

I wanted all the contrary :) a wp plugin that appends bb results at the end of the search.

BTW, after finding the searcher issue I realized that 404 templates need integration too.

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