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Re: Blank Screen



The password normally contains special characters and that’s fine. That’s how I can usually tell if the bbPress is an old version or new version, based on the password being sent out when you register.

There is no problem with having special characters in the secret keys: it’s just that if they’re not properly escaped, the server will choke on the config file because the bb-config.php does not have proper syntax.

So, make sure the keys are the same for WordPress and bbPress, make sure the bb-config.php is syntactically correct (php -l bb-config.php from a Linux command line) and then figure out why you can’t log in.

You can also make the secret keys really short and easy to compare while testing to see if that’s the problem.

It’s also worthwhile to check any php file you edited for the proper syntax. Maybe once you log in, you are being served another page that has a syntax error (a template file?) and that is causing the blank screen.

Also, access to error logs will help with this, if you have them.

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