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Re: bbPress Facebook page



For those that haven’t been around awhile, code development on bbPress tends to happen in bursts. There will be little or nothing or just trivial bug fixes for a few months and then BAM, Michael and Sam will post a whole bunch more code.

Just because you don’t get feedback on a problem from a developer doesn’t mean they don’t think it’s important, it just means they can’t make it a priority right now for some reason or another. Everyone would love bbPress to have every feature and every feature work amazingly but there simply aren’t enough people or hours available to make it happen. Every feature one person insists is absolutely critical is quite trivial to another person.

Last but not least, be careful what you wish for. If bbPress had all the features like the more mature WordPress does, it would also share the same number of problems, backward incompatibilities and constant changes. If they did to bbPress what just happened in WordPress between versions 2.3 and 2.7, I would not be making plugins for it anymore (because they all would be broken). Since bbPress takes a slower path, it tends to get things more “right” the first time around.

I think 2009 holds big things for bbPress.

Someone new to bbPress a year from now might wonder what some early adopters were complaining about.

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