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Re: “Add Forum” button numb?

Just to be clear, guys: I’m working on a WP2.6.2 site, not the WPMu version…

@eagano: I hear you man. I did as you suggested and I made sure /wp-admin/options.php matched as well.

I’m using FF3 and the error console shows only warnings generated by the theme’s CSS (doesn’t like the asterisk in declarations: Kakumei 0.01 theta-beta by Bryan Veloso)

I’m not using Google Gears to cache anything.

@Ipstenu: I linked to the cookiefix in the first post. Now that you both pointed out that it’s a WPMu-specific fix I have removed it from the WP code. Did you mean a link to the test site?

I appreciate you looking into this.

Is there some sort of trace I can place on the submit button? A setting I can toggle to make it/something verbose?


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